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Udate - 2/21/2014 

Hey ALLY X fans and family!

Yeah, it's been a long time.  So, we lost a bass player, took some time off, got a new bass player and have been rehearsing new (and old) material ever since.  By the way, Jeff, our previous bass player, is part of an original project called Nine Times Blue (9timesblue.com).  Check out their website and listen for them on Rock 100.5.

We welcome Aaron Clark as our bass player and are excited about our new line-up and new songs.  In fact, we're ready to book some shows and look forward to seeing all of you again real soon!  We've got lots of new material and are still adding more songs to the set lists.  No worries though, many of the favorites survived the cut...but we did have to make room for some new stuff.

The live music scene in metro Atlanta for cover bands has become very challenging, to say the least.  There aren't that many places to play and the venues that do cater to live music have limited space or other restrictions.  But we're committed to making it work and having some fun.  If you want to suggest a venue where you would like to see us play, drop us a note here or at our facebook page.  Or better yet, call the venue and let them know that ALLY X would be a great band for a show...ask them to check out our website and contact us for booking info.

We appreciate everyone's support (and patience) throughout the years.  Thanks to our long-time friends for sticking with us...and we're hoping to make many new friends along the way.  If this is your first time visiting the website, please join our mailing list and go "like" our facebook page.  Let's get ready to rock it out!!!

See ya soon...

- ALLY X -

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